More tourists? More Voluntourists?


Nice photo’s ???
For on your website and posters photo’s are OK!
But to get higher in Google Rankings? VideoPromo = number one!  
Jan van der Meer is not only Photographer & VideoProducer
but also succesfull Global Video-Marketing Expert.
He can assist you a lot!  Travelled to many countries and
has over 20 million views and many likes on social media!  
Jan is also VolunTourism Promotor.
So like to know how he can help you almost for free?
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  • You can choose Printing Folders Business Cards pay a lot for Magazin Adverts, travel to shows in other countries and wait in your office for tourists booking OR …. spend all time on SocialMedia, and get a perfect professional attractive video on Facebook and your website in exchange for a very cheap BarterDeal…. what is better?

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Jan van der Meer

  • You like more  business?
  • A place on top in Google Rankings?
  • And show the world what people will love in and around your accommodation?
  • Or showing tourists experiences during safari trips?

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